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South 31 Veterinary Clinic provides preventative medicine and pet surgery in Indianapolis. Some of these procedures may require sedation. These types of surgery and sedation processes are practiced at the clinic Monday thru Friday and, in order for you to better understand what these can entail, you may be interested in the following information.

The Process
If your pet is coming in for a procedure that requires sedation, we will ask that you refrain from feeding your pet the night before and then drop him or her off at the clinic between 7am and 8am on the day of the scheduled appointment.

A pre-anesthetic bloodwork is done upon admission. This is extremely important, as it alerts us to any issues that may prohibit us from sedating or performing surgery. Among other things it checks liver/kidney function and blood sugar level. If a problem is detected, surgery will be delayed until all medical issues can be resolved.

Surgeries and procedures are performed in the morning. Both doctors and the nursing staff will keep your pet under close observation. You will be called when your pet is ready to be discharged home.

When discharged into your care, the details of the day’s events will be relayed to you and an explanation of medication and ongoing care required as well as follow up information needed.

Preventative Care
Preventative care procedures such as teeth cleanings require sedation and may also involve tooth extractions. Regular dental check ups with our veterinarians will detect when a teeth cleaning becomes necessary.

We Care
We understand the bond between an owner and their pet and the anxiety suffered by both during separation. It is our goal to reduce that trauma for both of you as much as possible during any pet surgery in Indianapolis. The goal of all treatment is to restore a pet to his or her full function and pleasure in life.


Many pet owners are terrified by the thought of their pet undergoing anesthesia. In some cases, this fear and uncertainty can prevent pets from receiving the medical care they need and deserve. Rest assured that your pet will receive safe, comprehensive, advanced anesthesia care from our staff of caring professionals. From major and minor surgeries to diagnostic procedures, we can meet your pet’s anesthetic needs.

There is nothing more important to us than your pet’s safety, so we perform a variety of pre-anesthetic tests to carefully screen patients and tailor our anesthetic protocol specifically for your pet. Our trained staff and doctors monitor your pet before, during, and after anesthesia to help ensure the best possible outcome. We also take time to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about the medications, monitoring, and care your pet will receive. When you trust our dedicated health care professionals to manage your pet’s anesthetic care, you can rest assured that safety, efficacy, and comfort are always foremost in our minds.

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